Employee Spotlight – Zach and Heather Lambert

We’d like to take a moment and recognize the following employee(s) for their years of service and dedication to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.

Zach and Heather Lambert

What is one of the first memories you have of each other?
According to Heather: Zach and I have been together since high school, it will be 20 years on Feb 14th. Zach and I first met each other in Middle School on a band trip to Canada. I knew who he was but we didn’t really start talking to each other until my senior year, his junior year. Zach and I sat next to each other in Physics and he would talk to me about one of my friends that he liked. We ended up becoming really good friends and over Christmas break (1994) he asked me to go to the movies. Two months later on Valentine’s Day, he sent me a rose to my classroom asking me to be his girlfriend.

According to Zach: We met in High school. We started dating over winter break of my junior year, her senior year. I remember telling my swim coach at the end of practice that I was going to ask her out. He said “Heather the cheerleader, she’ll never go out with you.” I don’t recall our first date you’ll have to ask her.

What five words would you use to describe your partner?
Heather: Friendly, caring, supportive, handsome, funny.

Zach: Kind, Loving, Thoughtful, Organized, Persistent.

Zach and Heather Lambert

What is your favorite thing about your partner?
Heather: Zach is so much fun and he is a great father. He is always there when I need him and I love that he thanks me every night for cooking dinner and tells me how good it was even if it was just a can of soup.

Zach: She is my best friend and a wonderful mother.

How often do you get to have lunch together and who gets to choose where you go?
Heather: We eat lunch together every day on the run. Our daughter is in the Montessori preschool on campus. During our lunch break, we run her to daycare at the bottom of the hill.  If we are lucky, we go to subway.

Zach: Our daughter attends the Montessori pre-school here so we use our lunch to take her back to daycare. If we do go out it’s only on the one day she has off and it’s usually at Subway.

What about your partner makes you laugh?
Heather: When Zach finds a new hobby, he takes it very serious. I just go along with it and support him because it’s all he (we) will talk about for months.

Zach: She can never get the words right to songs. Also when we were younger she believed me when I told her the orange balls on power lines were filled with peanut butter.

Where is the most romantic spot on campus?
Heather: During the summer when we don’t have to run kids around at lunch, we like to walk the trails.

Zach: Hmmm…sounds like a loaded question.

Zach and Heather Lambert

What is the best part of working at the same institution?
Heather: I love seeing him at work, I know he is always around when I need him, we have the same holidays off, we can carpool and I always seem forget my debit card at home so I know I can call him for money.

Zach: Being able to take a break and see my wife, especially if I’m having a stressful day. Also we are both able to spend time with our daughter at lunch. Carpooling is nice too!

What is one question everyone asks you when you tell them that you work at the same place?
Heather: Don’t you get sick of him? I don’t. Zach and I like to be together. Before we got married, we worked in the same office. The dean at the time was a little worried but she later told us we were a great team.   Zach and I work really hard at keeping work and family life separate.

Zach: Don’t you get tired of being around her all day? I don’t, but I have one rule…no talking about work on the drive home.

If you could take one class at Green River, what would that class be?
Heather: Spanish classes.

According to Zach: Not sure, but we did take a knitting class together and that was fun.


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