What a Pain – Hand and Wrist Strains

Hand and Wrist Pain

Many of us use a computer and mouse every day and often for the majority of the work day. Sprains and strains to the wrists and hands from computer and mouse usage are common and develop over a long period of time.  Making easy and simple adjustments when symptoms first appear can prevent future problems.

How to Control Repetitive Hand and Wrist Tasks (L&I presentation)

Tips to Avoid Strain:

  1. Use a self-assessment tool as a guide to adjust your workstation
  2. Request an assessment to ensure that your workstation setup fits you well
  3. Hold hands in a “neutral position,” with his wrists relaxed and straight while working not bent up, down or to the side
  4. Change your position and make posture adjustments frequently by adjusting your chair or using a sit/stand desk
  5. Get moving, walk and stretch periodically throughout your day
  6. Use both of your hands equally at the computer – if you tend to do a lot with your right hand, consider moving the mouse over to the left of the keyboard
  7. Take a break, get up and move around – set reminders to take breaks if you need to

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