Spot Recognition – Mish Kruszewski

Spot Award

Green River’s Spot Recognition is your opportunity to recognize an individual, work group, department, team, or committee that has performed work at Green River that merits recognition. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s on the Spot. Simply complete the form and the Employee Recognition Committee will do the rest.

You may ask, “What does my nominee receive?” Each nominee receives a Spot Recognition Certificate that captures your nomination comments during a team or participatory governance meeting.

Mish's Spot Recognition

Mieszko Kruszewski’s Spot Recognition

Mish is a wonderful Help Desk professional. He knows what he is doing, and even when it’s something he has not dealt with before, he does the extra research to find a solution. His kind and helpful attitude is especially nice when we’re dealing with something that’s frustrating about our system or equipment. Thank Mish for the great work and creating a supportive environment and helping troubleshoot our IT challenges.


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