Spot Recognition – Ovations

Green River’s Spot Recognition is your opportunity to recognize an individual, work group, department, team, or committee that has performed work at Green River that merits recognition. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s on the Spot. Simply complete the form and the Employee Recognition Committee will do the rest.

You may ask, “What does my nominee receive?” Each nominee receives a Spot Recognition Certificate that captures your nomination comments during a team or participatory governance meeting.

Ovations Spot Recognition

Ovation’s Kiymat Mursalovam, Malalai Rahim, John Mason, Kyle Harland, Cathy Smith Spot Recognition

I personally want to commend you for your customer service response today, February 3, 2015 at 12:50pm. As I was talking to another colleague in the kitchen area and watching how the flow of students were navigating the lunch lines, I observed a number of staff IMMEDIATELY respond to a student who accidently knocked over her tray of food including her sandwich, drink, and condiments. Immediately, I saw Kyle, one of the front line staff leave the grill to pick up her sandwich and tray and tell her it was okay. He asked her, what did you have for food? I then saw the cashier Cathy go over to the kitchen and ask John to come out to clean the spilled drink so no one slipped as the cashier quickly returned to the line to cash out students. The student then proceeded back to the sandwich line with tears in her eyes only to be acknowledged by the sandwich preparer, Malali with its okay no need to cry positive interaction. She said, what can I make you? Then continued with a sweet and sincere smile to make her sandwich and serve it to her again reinforcing it was okay and no problem to remake her sandwich. As the student was waiting for someone else to collect her second drink, one of the front line staff, Kimon come around and almost hugged the student telling her it was okay to go enjoy her lunch. It is that kind of service that makes up for all the small complaints (or feedback) that come to us as ways to improve our food services. I am grateful to each employee who took the time to stop what they were doing to serve our students. I am honored to have an Ovations team such as this one serving our College community. NICE JOB! That is what community engagement and student success is all about! With deep appreciation for your service and commitment to student success! CHEERS TO THE OVATIONS TEAM!


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