Is Your Doctor In or Out of Network?

Did you know there’s a quick way to verify if your doctor (or dentist) is “in” or “out” of network? 


You can check to see if a doctor is a preferred provider or in-network provider by going to the PEBB website and clicking on Find a Provider. Here you can also find a dental provider that works in the plan you selected. Under some plans (Group Health Classic, for example), unless you see one of their providers, the plan won’t pay. Under the Uniform Classic plan, for another example, you can see any provider you choose; however, it’s much more cost effective to make sure the provider is “preferred” under the plan because if not, that provider can choose to bill you for what would have been the “provider write off” if he/she had been a preferred provider. This can result in you being responsible for large out-of-pocket medical costs.

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