Green River College Green Day!

Was there any better way to celebrate Green River College and St. Patrick’s Day, then by going green for Green River? Of course not! Join the Human Resources team as we helped spread joy, cheer, and…chocolate. Go GRC Green Day 2015!

HR Green Team

The official HR Green Team getting ready to surprise campus!

It’s not too late (for next year that is)! If you haven’t already purchased your official green gear, head on over to the Paper Tree Bookstore and snag anything with the Green River logo on it! Then wear it on GRC Green Day 2016 (aka St. Patrick’s Day) and get ready to strike a pose with the HR leprechauns.

Wearing Green

Yes, this totally counts even though green is part of her uniform.

Wearing Green

We flagged down Theresa from across the courtyard when we spotted her in green!

Walking around campus, searching for anyone wearing green, we quickly ran into friendly faces of Green River employees. It really was nice seeing folks in their environment and getting out of our own offices for a quick break.

Wearing Green

We even found folks who wanted to try on our beards!

Wearing Green

The excitement of seeing HR…or free chocolate, can barely be contained!

Pinching for Luck

As it turns out, it really is good luck to pinch a leprechaun…although not a recommended practice by HR.

During our little adventure we encountered many employees across campus. Some instantly wanted to be a part of the silliness, some were willing to trade a chocolate for a quick photo, and some only agreed if they could actually pinch the HR leprechaun.

GRC Green Day

Camella gives the guys a run for their money, in competition for best beard of the day!

GRC Green Day

The greenest department on campus!

But wait…of course, there’s more!

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