Building Bridges Technology Conference

Building Bridges Technology Conference

Building Bridges Technology Conference

One of the first professional development opportunities I became aware of, when starting at Green River this past November, was the Building Bridges Technology Conference. This conference was of particular interest to me because it combined the teaching and learning side of training with the technology of eLearning and encouragement to collaborate across the institution. It perfectly aligned with training initiatives at Green River (such as VAWA, Participatory Governance, SafeColleges, MSDSOnline, HR mandatory training, and onboarding of new employees. And so, I was off to Spokane.


I’m off to Spokane! Only 3,972 miles to go!

The great news of a road trip across the State of Washington, is that I have family in Moses Lake. Granted, there were a few rest/candy/gas/coffee/bathroom breaks along the way, but getting a chance to surprise my own mother with a bag of goodies from her favorite store was priceless.

Moses Lake

Green River, meet my mother. Mom…Green River.

The great thing about conferences now-a-days is that they usually have a companion app, the ability to view profiles, and links to download presentations. This makes planning your personalized schedule an informed decision. Even better, I was able to do all my planning before I even arrived and had a mobile link to view complete details throughout the entire event.


At a technology conference all attendees must carry around 3.5 connected devices. It’s like the law or something.

A great thing about local, Pacific Northwest, conferences is that the connections you make are with people at other institutions that you will continue to engage with. In my case I had the chance to meet up with former colleagues and compare teaching and learning practices to gauge progress at my own institution. As it turns out, we’re just as far…or behind…as everyone else is.


Awesome former coworkers from Edmonds Community College. You rock Tim, Tina, and Eva!

The event overall was perfect for someone like me (interested in teaching and learning, eLearning, and training initiatives across campus). By the time next year’s conference rolls around, Green River will have at least two training initiatives worthy of presenting on. Stay tuned for that in future posts though. For now, feel free to check out all of my conference notes and key takeaways via the link below. If you’ve attended a conference yourself and have notes or great resources, holler at me to collaborate and share those across campus!


The great wall of Washington…near Wild Horse Monument.

My last photos have nothing to do with the conference. I admit I got sidetracked by how beautiful our state is. Be sure to check out Wild Horses Monument for yourself! A special thank you also goes out to Jennifer Warden on campus for getting me hip to travel regulations within the state. Note to self…photo-op and other distractions do not count towards mileage claims.


See how beautiful our state is!


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