New Employee Spotlight – Shane Daetwiler

We’d like to take a moment and recognize our newest employees to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.

Shane DaetwilerPlease tell everyone your new title and a little bit about your professional background.
I am the new Director of Judicial Affairs and Compliance.  I spent the last 18 years as the Director of Residence Life and Off-Campus Student Services at the University of Puget Sound.  Prior to that I also held positions at The Art Institute of Seattle, Pacific Lutheran University, California State University, Chico and The University of Redlands.  The majority of my work was in Residence Life, however, I was a Conduct Hearing Officer at Puget Sound and spent some time as the Chief Judicial Officer at Pacific Lutheran.  My work experience has also covered being a member of the Student Alert Group, BHERT (Bias Hate Education Response Team), MARSSH (Mandatory Assessment Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm), Sexual Assault and Harassment Review team and the Orientation and First Year experience review team. He also served as a staff representative to the Budget Task Force and Staff Senate.   I am very excited about the opportunity to be at Green River and have already in the first month found the work to be very challenging and rewarding.                                                                                                                    

What drew you to apply to Green River?
The student-centered approach to the work we do and the diversity of the campus were attractive to me. It also provided me the opportunity to work with a lot of students and provide the campus and our students with the support it needs handling challenging situations.                                                                  

On the car ride to work, what do you listen to?
Pandora or KJR Sports Radio. On Pandora, lately I have been listening to either the Avett Brothers station or Modest Mouse.

What was the very first job you ever had?
Filling bags of ice in a small town supermarket with I was 13 years old. I have been working ever since.

What about your new position is most exciting for you?
The opportunity to work one on one with students and discuss the challenging decisions made and those ahead.

What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in your first year at Green River?
I would like to get to know as many students, staff and faculty as possible. As the Director of Judicial Affairs it’s easy to become a “duck-and-hide-from” person on campus. However, I am confident that the way I look at my job and the way I go about my work will allow for some pretty solid connections with our students. I am very excited about that.

What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?
My three children come to mind right away.

If your former coworkers were to give you an office nickname, what would that be? Why? 
“Is what it is”. I used that phrase all of the time with my staff. Some in the division called me Weird Al Shankovich, as I often would have my guitar at staff functions and would develop songs for staff members’ birthdays to celebrate in a humorous way.

For Green River’s annual talent show (this doesn’t actually exist), what hidden talent would you showcase for everyone?
Singer. Somewhat song writer. I also am also incredibly deadly behind the 3-pt line in basketball.

If G.R.E.E.N. were an acronym for something, what would each letter stand for?
E-(to) Encourage
E-(and) Empower
N-(the) Nameless


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