Rising up to Governor Inslee’s Disability Employment Challenge!

Green River College is jumping feet first into Governor Jay Inslee’s Disability Employment Challenge to have people living with a disability make up five percent of the state government workforce by June 30, 2017! While we start this endeavor, it is important to note that GRC seeks (and has always sought) to recruit the best candidates to fill positions.

Rising up to the challenge gives us an opportunity to think about how we attract and retain employees with disabilities. One of the strategic directions that we are adopting to help us is working with nonprofit organizations that specialize in helping people with disabilities find employment. Better informing these institutions of GRC opportunities and needs will help us find qualified candidates to fill positions.

Today we want to share a little about an organization named Trillium. Trillium reached out to help us with hiring people with disabilities. As additional organizations connect with us to assist us with achieving the Governor’s Disability Employment Challenge, we will introduce them to you.

Kate & Supervisor-compressed

Tell me about Trillium and its services

Trillium is an Auburn-based nonprofit that helps institutions and companies integrate people with intellectual disabilities into their workforce. They currently support nearly 300 institutions/businesses in recruiting and training employees with disabilities including the City of Auburn and the Auburn School District. Institutional/business testimonials name positive impacts such as the addition of highly motivated employees, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing staffing efficiency that helps them achieve organizational goals. These employees fill positions from clerical to assembly, child care to data entry. Check out this video for example administrative jobs in various industries.

Now, how does this work?

Trillium meets with supervisors to understand staffing needs, workflow obstacles, and routine or project-based tasks. After they identify key tasks, they look to their pool of job seekers for candidates who meet the needs and fit GRC culture. Trillium then supports our team by onboarding the new employee, providing on-site assistance with training and team integration. Their consulting services are available for the duration of the employment, so they can assist with new or re-training needs.

When can I meet with Trillium?

Trillium will be on campus April 20, 2015, at 1:30 pm to talk about its services.


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