Safety. A Shared Responsibility.

Providing a safe and healthy campus is extremely important and a responsibility we all share. By simply taking an extra moment to check our surroundings we can easily avoid the most common workplace hazards (which happens to be falling of all things).

Safety. A Shared Responsibility.

  • Know your surrounding hazards (stairs, ladders, cords, etc.)
  • Follow safety and health rules
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Report accidents, injuries, unsafe equipment, and hazards

Have a Suggestion?

We’d love to hear back from any employee with suggestions on how to make workplace safety a more engaging process.  Because safety is a shared responsibility, our goal is to promote a safe working environment through collaboration with each and every employee. Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. We’d even love to hear your thoughts on how this blog works as a form of communication.

The infographic below displays common workplace hazards, violations and safety tips.

Workplace Safety


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