Show Me the Way to I-9 Central!

Reviewing I-9s

I was doing the happy dance when I discovered that Department of Homeland Security had finally updated their website with some user friendly I-9 instructions. They call it I-9 Central.

What is an I-9?

Federal law requires that every employer who has hired an individual for employment in the United States complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Form I-9 will help you verify the employee’s identity and employment authorization.

I-9 Process

You may remember completing the I-9 form when you began employment at Green River and are curious to learn more about it. Or perhaps you are the person designated to assist newly hired work-study students, hourly employees or adjunct instructors with their HR forms, including the I-9. Do I have your attention? Then this is for YOU.

What will I find at I-9 Central?

So, I’m here to spread the joy. I encourage you to visit I-9 Central for concise and up-to-date guidelines to achieve the coveted complete and correct I-9 form!

Excited About I-9s


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