Encouraging Future Students to Reach Higher

In 2014 a challenge was issued to all high school students. That challenge, known as the President’s North Star goal, began by asking all students to fill out the FAFSA to see if they qualified for financial aid. That effort is supported by the Reach Higher initiative. Reach Higher aims to inspire every student to pursue a higher education (whether at a professional, community college, or four-year college or university).


The coolest department getting ready for the coolest campaign!

On May 1, last Friday, the Reach Higher initiative kicked off across the nation. The Human Resources & Legal Affairs department took this cause to heart by wearing our official Green River gear and contributing to the national #ReachHigher conversation. Our social media posts were even favorited by the campaign itself (Go HR! Go Gators! Whoot! Whoot!).


Zach is the designated selfie-stick holder in our group.

While we officially apologize to everyone for closing our doors for about six minutes (give or take a selfie or two), we sincerely felt this was a cause worth supporting. While in the courtyard Kirk also accepted HR paperwork from Rob in Facilities…so it’s more like we took our offices to you…if you happened to be in the courtyard at this time, like Rob.


Human Resources is committed to supporting students #ReachHigher (and taking great selfies). :)

If you’d like to learn more about this cause or even contribute during next year’s campaign, simply visit the Reach Higher website. Let’s help make Green River a destination of choice for our local high school students! Besides, any reason to wear college gear and snap a team photo in the process is a good reason to get out of the office.


Happy College Signing Day! Human Resources encourages all students to #ReachHigher


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