It’s PEN Form Time! Really!!


New PEN form display signage on campus.

You know, when you hear us talking about “PEN Form Extensions,” we are not talking about a super-sized Sharpie! Interesting fact though…Sharpie actually does make a Magnum Permanent Marker.

Do you want your employee to be PAID on the 7/25 pay date?  We know they want to be!

With the end of another fiscal year, on June 30, 2015, we remind you that PEN form extensions for the next fiscal year must be received in HR no later than July 6, 2015 for employees to make the cutoff for the 7/25 payday.  Both HR and your employee(s) greatly appreciate it if you get them to us earlier as there are many to review and process and they are reviewed in the order received. (So no, asking for your PEN forms to be bumped to the front of the queue won’t help, even if the request is accompanied by chocolate, doughnuts, or IOU’s.)


Personalized instructions on PEN form completion.

Please ensure the PEN form is filled out completely before submitting to HR – incomplete PEN forms will slow down processing time and may result in an employee not getting paid on time.

NOTE:  With our name change to Green River College, comes an updated PEN form


Hearing you previously filled out a form incorrectly really does hurt…

To aid in the numerous PEN form extensions you have to complete, below are helpful links and reminders to speed up the process.

For existing employees you can find the information below at N:\human resources\PART-TIME HOURLY INFORMATION. 

Required Fields:

  • Original employment dates
  • SID
  • Position Title
  • Job Class Code
  • Rate of pay
  • Home Dept./Job Dept./Supervisor Codes

So…these are the required fields we previously missed?


Incumbent’s name is only for new hires replacing an existing hourly employee – if the employee you are creating a PEN form is new, put the separating employee’s name as the incumbent.

Ensure you have correctly completed questions 1-4, and that the employee has completed the Employee Certification portion.


Our newest PEN/Zen form masters!


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