One Step Closer: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Recommendations


In my first environmental safety blog post, Crash Course – MSDS 101, I provided an introduction to this wildly exciting topic. The SDS process however, goes beyond any single department on our campus and helps to protect us all. With that in mind we’re now reaching out to other departments.

A Short History Lesson

Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), provide comprehensive information about a substance, chemical, or product on campus. SDS help the institution identify, label, store, handle, train, and protect our employees. Collecting and maintaining SDS is a requirement of hazard communication (including hazard determination, Right-to-Know access, labeling, safe handling, personal protective equipment, and more).

Poster-Eye-Protection2Environmental Health and Safety Committee (EHS)

In collaboration with the EHS Committee on our campus, very specific steps were identified to help establish clear and consistent processes across campus. Once we are able to institute these recommendations, online access will be provided for all of campus, network access would exist for backup purposes, and physical binders will be placed within buildings.

Key Recommendations

  1. Obtain and add SDS sheets to specific campus locations using the web-based tool MSDSonline.
  2. Download PDF sheets locally to the EHS networked drive.
  3. Print PDFs and place in physical binders at specific locations on campus.

If you have any questions regarding these recommendations, please feel free to contact your friendly (and awesome) Training Manager (that’s me).

Poster-Eye-ProtectionStay Tuned

This process is still being developed and modified to meet both the needs of the institution and the department. We will continue to work behind the scenes and provide updates as we meet milestones. So far, roughly 450 SDS exist within eBinder.

Fun Fact!

In the creation of this post an entire series of Simpsons workplace safety posters was stumbled upon. They are informative and entertaining if you have a few moments to spare.

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