2015 Service Awards Recipients

September is an exciting month for our college for many reasons. Why am I talking about September when it’s only May, you say? It’s my time to coordinate the recipients for service awards. My favorite time of year. No, really!


Roger is set to receive his 25 year award!

We count years of service from the first day of permanent employment. For instance, if you were an adjunct or hourly employee before becoming a permanent employee (classified, exempt or tenure track faculty) we begin counting from the start date of your permanent position. If an employee leaves Green River and is rehired, we combine the years of service.

Presentation of service awards will be on Opening Day – September, 2015. Over sixty employees will be honored with awards for their years of dedicated service to Green River College, ranging from five to forty years.


Some of the many awards given in the past.

Take a look at our 2015 Service Award Recipients below, and join us in expressing our appreciation for their commitment to Green River College!

Any questions? Simply send an email to hr@greenriver.edu with the subject line of “Service Award Question.”

5 Years

Michael Berry
Eileen Ely
Jamie Hatleberg
Tamara Hauge
Yvonne Huang
David Larsen
Steve Lynch
Nataliya Maruk
Caitlyn Orchard
Jennifer Warden

10 Years

Heidi Aranda
Avis Adams
Beverly Baker
Kimberley Crawford
Susan Critchlow
Linda Downing
Lois Ermish
Beckie Jensen
Mike Kenyon
Jodi Sahlin
Tim Scharks
Valentina Shanazarova

15 Years

Vivette Beuster
Heather Lambert
George Comollo
Pam Dally
Dale Detton
Gail Hanlon
Todd Henderson
Oleg Kanonik
John Knowlton
Erik Levin
Irina Malskiy
Lara Michaels
Dave Mullet
Ajay Narayanan
Adrienne Palmer
Gary Peitsch
Pam Reising
Stephanie Scoby
Julie Spiers
Stephane Teel
Toya Turner
Lyudmila Zadneprovskaya
Lyubov Zaremba

20 Years

Mike Behrbaum
Arthur Danielson
Catherine Duva
Leana Hagen
Marsha Medgard
Eric Nelson
Scott “Sal” Salaguinto
Patty Sikora

25 Years

Sam Ball
Cindy Card
Annalee Dunn
Roger Esperanzate
Beth Gatzke

30 Years

Peggy Barton
Ann Lovell

40 Years

Carsh Wilturner


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