2015 Annual Wildflower Walk

Posted on behalf of Monica Paulson Priebe, Natural Resources Faculty.


What a great opportunity to support students and enjoy nature!

The wildflower walk is designed and conducted by the Natural Resource students in the Wildflower Identification class (NATRS 184) in the spring. This walk requires that students are able to synthesize and interface their in-depth plant knowledge with the general public. This interaction creates a rewarding experience for the students and guests alike. This is the second year that we have done these walks as part of this course however, other groups on campus have also hosted wildflower or nature walks in the campus woods.


Best way to start the day ever!

The Green River campus community is blessed to have such open and accessible access to this natural area. Research has shown that regular time spent outside decreases daily stress levels, promotes a healthy lifestyle and may even help one achieve or maintain a better body weight. Learning a little bit about the forest can make a stroll in the woods seem like a walk surrounded by familiar faces.

Natural Resource students are dedicated to the facilitation of these interactions with nature with the construction of the outdoor classroom, maintenance of the trails and trees, forestry club activities including chopping firewood, and nature walks. Additionally students in our program help monitor long term research sites and are currently participating on a grant with the Biology Department, to create a local wildflower plant guide for the general public (to be sold in the Paper Tree upon completion). We encourage the campus to use the woods, get to know the flowers and watch the beautiful transition from bud break through blooming throughout the spring and summer.

These walks will continue next spring. We hope you join us!

Monica Paulson Priebe
Natural Resources Faculty


Sign us up for next year already! This was too much fun!

To view the all photos taken on the 2015 Wildflower Walk, visit our Flickr photo gallery.


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