Register Today for Basic Mediation Training Course

Posted on behalf of Green River Community Mediation & Peacebuilding Institute.

Register today for our Basic Mediation Training (BMT) course. Enhance your communication and conflict resolution skills, and register for our Basic Mediation Training (BMT) June 22, 23, 24 and 29 & 30 at our Kent campus.


This course helps develop the skills needed to better understand and resolve disputes and other issues for your students and others. In the BMT course you will learn how to analyze and resolve disputes in a variety of contexts focusing on work and home situations.

(If you complete the BMT – and two additional one day courses on conflict resolution – you can be designated a ‘campus mediator’ if are willing to volunteer to resolve disputes.)

Course Topics include:
Conflict Resolution Concepts, Conflict Styles, Communication Skills, Listening, Emotions, Power Imbalance, Being Aware of Our Biases, Qualities and Role of the Mediator, Mediation Process, Ethics of Mediation.

Please go to for further information – and check out the link to a testimonial about this course. Registrations can be made to Cynthia Lemberg

We look forward to welcoming you to this BMT which is scheduled early in the summer break.

Barry J. Bannister PhD
The Peace Institute at Green River


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