Work That Matters: Andy Orr

The following article showcases a Green River College employee, the meaningful work they perform, and (more importantly) the meaning behind that work.

Andy Orr

IT Bachelor’s Program Manager, Software Development
7 Years at Green River College

Working Towards College’s Mission and Values

Andrew Orr

As Program Manager for Green River’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development, I market and promote the program in the community, organize special events and projects, develop relationships with local technology companies, and support students from admission all the way to graduation and employment. It’s fun, exciting work, to say the least. Playing a role in the operation and success of our Bachelor’s in Software Development is tremendously fulfilling, too. A program like this improves access to a quality, technology-focused Bachelor’s degree for low-income and other underrepresented students in our community. In addition, our Bachelor’s in Software Development will help produce new generations of college grads who can fill high-demand application, mobile, and web development jobs across the region, which is great for our state economy.

Work That Matters

The intersection of technology and education is an occupational sweet spot I find both personally and professionally rewarding. My job, in particular, moves at break-neck speed, allows me to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, and gives me the opportunity to work on a wide breadth of exciting projects. IT job fairs, high school coding boot camps, web / mobile developer meetups, employment readiness workshops—the list goes on and on. There’s always something exciting happening in the Tech Program. I also get to work with a team of visionary high-performers who  encourage me to perform at my very best. Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough about our IT faculty and staff.

Measurement of Success

Zak StaabSuccess, to me, means helping students realize their full potential by creating a smooth front-to-back college experience, from entry advising and enrollment to graduation and employment. I particularly enjoy helping a Bachelor’s student land his or her first internship or job. Along those lines, you can read about one Software Development student’s journey from IT degree to full-time job below. Talk about a wonderful illustration of the exciting work that’s happening at Green River!


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