Proud Gator Joins Green River College at Covington Days Summer Fair!

Gator with DeniseWhen I started out on my adventure to participate as a Green River volunteer at Covington Days, I could never have imagined I would have such a memorable experience! When I arrived at the fair, I stopped in my tracks as I viewed the numerous white tents and wondered out loud how long will this take to locate the Green River tent. Then my eyes immediately centered upon the new black Green River College tent with the huge gator logo that looks smart and classy.  (You can see our Green River tent from a distance and we stand out!) I knew at that moment I was going to have a great experience.

When I arrived at the tent, Denise Bennatts was hard at work preparing it for the day. Our tent was located across from the main stage offering us a perfect location for lots of visitors and entertainment. As the temperature soared over 90 degrees outside, we handed out hundreds of Green River fans.  Fans could be seen everywhere and people came searching for us to get one!  It was priceless during the stage performances to look over and see a wave of Green River fans moving across the audience – much to the chagrin of the Renton Technical College staff! Yes, we did share Green River fans with them and they were happy to be able to cool down. We talked to many people about Green River and we had a number of them complete an interest card.

GatorAnd let’s not forget about Reptile Man and his live gator who proudly joined the Green River family! Denise finally caved in under the relentless peer pressure of many Gator fans to have a Kodak moment with the gator. Yes, that gator actually has his claws in Denise’s hair! Way to go Denise!

Overall we believe this was a great community event and we definitely got the Green River name out to the public. We hope that you contact Kassidy Chamblin in Outreach & Service Learning to start your adventure at an upcoming Summer Fair.


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