ABC’s of Records Retention

Posted on behalf of Jessica Tichy. 


Fall quarter is around the corner. Are you trying to take advantage of the lull to catch up on archiving? Are you new to the College and have no idea where to begin? Is this topic your least favorite, as dusting is to me on the home front? Well, rest assured, you are not alone.

Truly, this topic is as simple as ABC.

  • Attitude – Have a can do philosophy! The sooner you tackle archiving, the sooner it is done.
  • Belief – Know that this task is important to the organization as a whole; both historically and from a business continuity perspective.
  • Capable – With a little encouragement and support you can do this and make sense of all the records retention guidelines; that is where I come in.

Important Links

If I can be of assistance, please contact me at ext. 3361.

I will help you dust off the cobwebs on your records retention guidelines, and if you do not already have a set of instructions handy; see the above links.


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