Dog Days of Summer – Annual Admin BBQ

Annual Admin BBQ

It’s officially summer and offices are working hard on internal projects…and planning departmental engagement events. Most recently, the admin building held their annual bbq, officially referred to as “Dog Days of Summer.” Darcy Silvest was kind enough to let us in on the event and provide some background information into this unique employee engagement lunch.

Annual Admin BBQ

Can you provide a little history about how this event began and how many years it has been going?
We started having the building summer event in 2009. The event came about as a little something to look forward to. It allows us to see and get to know each other on a different level.

Annual Admin BBQ

How are employee engagement events, such as this one, important to the department as a whole?
If folks in the AD building don’t see an announcement of the event by July, they come to me and ask if we are having our annual event. 

Annual Admin BBQ

There were many potential gourmet hot dog creations to be made at the event. Which one was your favorite and why?
Honestly, gourmet hot dogs don’t rate high on my must have list. I try to vary the menu from year to year. What will next year bring? We are toying with a Classic Soda Shop theme – poodle skirts with sweaters and white T-shirt and jeans included.

Annual Admin BBQ

Is there anyone (or a group of people) who deserve a special thanks for helping to make this event a reality?
Special thanks to all the admin building staff for participating and making the event a success. I believe everyone would give a special thanks to the chefs.

To view the complete photo gallery click the following link:


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