Work That Matters: Jennifer Morgan

The following article showcases a Green River College employee, the meaningful work they perform, and (more importantly) the meaning behind that work.

Jennifer Morgan

IT System Administrator
18 Years at Green River College

Employee-JenniferMorganWorking Towards College’s Mission and Values

As a Systems Administrator in the IT Department, I’m responsible for the setup and maintenance of many of the computing systems that students and employees use every day.  IT plays an important part in support of the campus community and has a role in nearly every aspect of college services.  Think about how different your job would be without email or the many software applications that you use… or the internet!  We strive to deliver technology that enables our staff and faculty to better serve our students and that enables our students to be successful.

Work That Matters

Working in higher education, I love the fact that I get to be a part of something bigger, something that impacts so many people. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that I play a part in enriching the lives of others and that I’m contributing to the education of future generations.

Specific to IT, I really enjoy the challenge. Technology is constantly evolving; there’s always something new to learn and there’s never a chance to get bored. It’s also gratifying to be able to help others strengthen their understanding of technology. It not only helps them it their roles here, but in their personal lives as well. To that end, we have implemented a new tool to help educate users on computer/internet security.

Check it out and watch for details on the “Morgan Challenge” (named for our fearless leader, Camella Morgan) in the HR newsletter.

Measurement of Success

“Success” is such a nebulous term. It means something different to everyone. For me, there are two components. The first is meeting concrete goals, accomplishing a specific milestone or achievement. The second is to leave everything that you touch a little better off than it was before you were a part of it. Whether it’s contributing to a large-scale project like ctcLink or a major service implementation… or just something small that makes someone’s day a little brighter or easier, it’s the sum of all actions that leads to success.


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