Campus Guides


In the spirit of, “Think Student – Then Decide,” twenty-eight employees volunteered to serve as campus guides for this year’s incoming students.


Not surprisingly, many students successfully managed to maneuver to the right class without glancing upward from their glowing 3.5-inch displays. With this generation in mind the Green River College Technology Club has released its very first mobile app, appropriately titled GatorMapp, which provides location-based directions to all buildings on campus.


For others, though, the human touch was necessary to help find their way during this first week of classes, and I am confident that all volunteers were proud to be there for them. As someone who envies the staff that deal with students directly on a daily basis, it was a rewarding opportunity for me to reconnect and to remind myself what our institution stands for.


Special thanks to Zach Lambert for organizing and supporting this event.


And many thanks to all our volunteers:

Rhonda Daulton (IT), Camella Morgan (IT), Niki Nelson (IT), Patty Sikora (Business Office), Crystal Bolt (Business Office), Zach Lambert (Business Office), Steve Sosa (Human Resources), Chernenko Wheatley (Human Resources), Marshall Sampson (Human Resources), Kirk Walker (Human Resources), Sheryl Gordon (Human Resources) & Zack Smith (Human Resources), Susan Evans (Student Life), Dani Chang (Student Life), Annalee Dunn (Trio), Patty Sherman (Conference Services), Leilani Hoglund (Library), Jennifer Dysart (Library), Yoriko Sosa-Nakata (MarCom), Tom Evans Krause (KGRG Radio), Josh Gerstman (Foundation), Beth Gatzke (Foundation), Patsy Cadwell (Foundation), Steven Brumbaugh (Biology), John Falconer (High School Completion), Lois Ermish (Science Center), Jeanette Fohn (Accounting), Laura VanSteenvoort (Tutoring & Resource Center)


Click to view the full photo gallery.


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