The Morgan Challenge: Week 2 Winners

As the entire world now knows, Green River College recently witnessed the official launch of “The Morgan 100 Grand Challenge.” Many folks across campus easily completed the task of watching two short videos regarding information technology. Below are our first round of winners across campus. Don’t forget – we are now in an entirely new week and everyone’s got a new chance to win!

Week 2: Grand Prize Winner!

The following individual was the first faculty member to complete the entire training series! Job well done!


Congratulations to John Falconer on completing the entire series!

Week 2: Contest Winners


Congratulations to Susan Evans!


Congratulations to Manila Mercurio!


Congratulations to Keith Clay!


Congratulations to Jean Carlson!


Congratulations to Karl Hoffman!


Congratulations to Annalee Dunn!

Don’t forget to check out this week’s challenge and follow the entire series as it progresses.


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