Behind the Scenes – Course Development Process


Working with an awesome student named Yujin on digital audio recordings.

Human Resources encompasses a large variety of training topics related to new and current employees. This includes new employee orientations, benefits overviews, mandatory topics such as nondiscrimination and child abuse reporting, supervisor essentials, and even soft skills such as communications and effective teamwork. We’re now proud to be developing our very first online course!


Sheryl and Zack give their absolute best performances while acting out scenes.

Routinely, HR provides face-to-face training and workshops to meet the needs of the campus as a whole. That is a challenging task because the needs of the campus routinely change and the needs of the individual often mean that time slots, locations, or frequency never quite fit one’s personal schedule.  We’re hoping to change that in the future to meet our audience exactly where they are at.


Claire is joined by an awesome student named Jim, who helped voice one of our characters. 

That is where online delivery, reinforced by face-to-face engagement, comes into play. By placing parts of our training and workshops online, we increase the availability and access for every single individual, regardless of where they are physically located. For student employees that means not having to skip a class in order to attend a mandatory workshop. For part-time faculty, that means not having to drive to campus in order to obtain important information. For college employees as a whole that means obtaining necessary material from the convenience of your own desk or device.


Course development is a team effort and it helped to have such great support behind our first online course.

It should be stressed that replacing face-to-face interaction is not the end goal. Improving access and increasing learner success, while refocusing our face-to-face engagement to meet learners where they are at is essentially the best of both worlds…aka blended and flipped learning modalities.

Getting back to the purpose of this article, we’ve been working on a brand new course to be delivered online. It’s understandable that no one would be excited by this news…akin to being invited to watch someone’s wedding video (not exactly the most exciting two-hour experience of your life even thought the event itself may have been fantabulous). With this in mind we’re reinventing our training material, engagement strategy, and user experience (not to mention making the course more academically sound by adding assessments). In short, we hope the course to be meaningful, memorable, and motivational…as best as possible that is given the content.


This is just a teaser for what’s coming soon and will be included in our first online course. Stay tuned!

In the coming weeks you will continue to hear more about our development and launch of this new course. We’ve worked hard to ensure that it doesn’t feel like a two-hour wedding video and hope that folks appreciate the work that went into creating it. Stay tuned for more details!


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