The Morgan Challenge: Week 7 Winners

Green River College continues “The Morgan 100 Grand Challenge,” and we’ve already had many employees across campus participate and win some delicious chocolate. Below are our latest winners. Don’t forget – we have some more videos this week and everyone’s got a new chance to win!


From Left to Right: Manila Mercurio, Julie French, Timm Lovitt, Camella Morgan, Jean Carlson, Jamie Hatleberg, Sarah Franz, Annalee Dunn, Sandra Matthews & Betty Vera (not pictured, but still a winner: Chelsie Ciscell)

Week 7: Way to Go Team Lovitt!

Not only did every member of Timm Lovitt’s Student Success and Retention Team complete ALL the Morgan Challenge training videos, they also challenged Campus Life to do the same, even directly calling  out Director of Athletics Bob Kickner.


Stay tuned to see how Team Chang of Campus Life responds…

And don’t forget to check out this week’s challenge and follow the entire series as it progresses.


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