New Employee Spotlight – Jacqueline Li

We’d like to take a moment and recognize our newest employees to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.Li, Jacqueline

Please tell everyone your new title and a little bit about your professional background.

Hello! I have recently joined the Green River team as an International Student Advisor. Before Green River, I was spending half my time in the US and half in Taiwan, working to start and run a test prep and college counseling academy in Taiwan. I recently completed a Master’s in Educational Leadership at Penn GSE.

What drew you to apply to Green River?

I’m interested in working with international students and cultural exchange, so this position was really my idea of a perfect fit, at least career-wise! I then learned about Green River’s excellent and expansive International Programs department, and met the wonderful advising team at Green River, and knew that this would be a great, supportive, and educational place to work. I’ve only been proven right!

On the car ride to work, what do you listen to?

Japanese pop or the top hits on the radio. My latest favorite is Shut Up and Dance!

What was the very first job you ever had?

Very first “job” was probably babysitting my younger brother, but my first job with a paycheck was working at the Coldstone Creamery in the mall by my house during high school. I was promoted to Manager after a few months and managed to save a lot of money for college!

What about your new position is most exciting for you?

I can’t wait to start meeting and forming relationships with students. The students here all seem wonderful, and I’ve found that one of the best things about working in education is that the students continue to amaze year after year. You’ll think you had the best year/experience possible, but the students continue to top that time after time! I’m also excited to be working with such passionate, friendly, happy people in IP Advising!

What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in your first year at Green River?

My goal is to help students succeed, whatever that might mean for them and their families. I’d love to be successful at helping as many students as I can. A personal project that I’d like to build is a whole wall of college banners – my goal is to form close relationships with my students, and hopefully assist them to have a transformational time here at Green River; then after they successfully transfer, I hope students will send me banners from their new institutions, which I will display proudly around my office.

What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

I come from a low-income family, and neither of my parents attended college. Matriculating into and graduating from college, especially from a school like Harvard, is a huge accomplishment for me. I also had a very rough relationship with my parents growing up; resolving my differences with my dad and building a closer relationship with him is another big accomplishment. Lastly, having the courage to follow my interests, into education, graduate school in education, and now here to Green River also makes me so happy. I faced a lot of pressure to pursue a more lucrative or stable, etc. career, but working with international students and in education makes me happier than anything else!

If your coworkers were to give you an office nickname, what would that be?

If I were to choose… Hermione! I love Harry Potter and Hermione (and Emma Watson!) is my favorite. I admire her brains, loyalty, and bravery!

For Green River’s annual talent show (this doesn’t actually exist), what hidden talent would you showcase for everyone?

I love arts and crafts. Perhaps I could make some classy invitations or inspirational posters (I do calligraphy!) for the event, or put together some larger display pieces!

If G.R.E.E.N. were an acronym for something, what would each letter stand for?

Grin Revel Enchant Encourage (Experiment) Now!

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