Opening Day

Opening Day was a smashing success, filled with motivational speeches, icebreakers and workshops. In case you missed it, check out the photos below of all our Outstanding Staff and Service Award recipients, courtesy of MarCom’s Julie Spiers. Our 63 Service Awardees have dedicated an overwhelming total of 995 years of service to the College.

Green River is proud of and grateful to you all!

Outstanding Staff Awards:
From left to right, Mary Edington, Marsha Medgard, Lavina Goble, Jenny Parkoutstanding-staff-awards2016
5 Years of Service:
Susan Baker, Adrienne Battle (Not pictured: Joy Crawford, Amnat Saephan, Eric Shea)
10 Years of Service:
Matt Swenson, Kathryn Hoppe, Judy Brenden, Deb Casey (Not pictured: Mandiann Bumgarner, Story Gilmore, Noland Hall, Alex Marchuk, Tim McDaniel, Veun Saetern, Akiko Sakurai, Alvin Tai)
15 Years of Service:
Gary Oliveira, Jaeney Hoene, Megan Evans, Carla Kane, Danna Davis, Mary Singer, Marji Mackenzie, Anthony White, Martha Koch, Catherine Cantrell, Frances Lindland, Michelle Danberg-Marshman (Not pictured: Pamela Basquez, Susan Batchelor, Susan Evans, Sue Finnestad, Scott Schreiber, Will Scott, Patty Sherman, Jack Wells, Micki Wells, Lyudmila Zadneprovskaya)
20 Years of Service:
Camella Morgan, Brad Johnson, Julie French, Sergey Mikhailenko, Cindy Olson, Rochelle Mitchell, Judy Fuchs, Shirley Archuleta, Sandra Davidson, Dan Sorensen (Not pictured: Keith Clay, Jennifer Dysart, Susan Fairley, Pie-Yon Gilge, Dan Keene, Sandy Zirkle)
25 Years of Service:
Stefanie Chapman, Julia Nation, Lori Rapozo, Angie Brenner, Diane Anderson (Not pictured: Bart Dowd, Sandra Matthews, Roland Vieira )

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