Hourly Employees Explained

Posted on behalf of Chernenko Wheatley, Employee & Labor Relations Manager.hours2

Temporary employees are a great asset to the support of department operations here at Green River, but there are guidelines and restrictions of which supervisors must be aware.

Under Article 5.1 of the Classified Union Collective Bargaining Agreement, individuals in temporary appointments are limited to one thousand and fifty (1,050) hours of work in a twelve (12) consecutive month period from the individual’s original date of hire. Because of this time constraint, supervisors need to effectively manage the number of hours their hourly employee is working.

Article 5.1 (A) tells us that individuals in such temporary appointments who work between three hundred fifty (350) hours and one thousand fifty (1,050) hours over a twelve (12) consecutive month period become members of the bargaining unit and begin paying union dues.

Individuals in temporary appointments become eligible for medical benefits once the employee accrues 480 hours within a six month period and with a minimum of 8 hours each month. The employee will maintain that benefit if they continue working a minimum of 8 hours per month. By staying at 16 hours (or fewer) per week, we remain within the limit.

Hourly positions do not qualify for vacation leave and must adhere to the scheduling needs of the department.

*Special Considerations:

  • Hourly Student Employees: Under article 5.1 (A), individuals who are in temporary appointments and are students in a half-time or more capacity are NOT eligible to become members of the bargaining unit.
  • Work Study Students: The different hour constraints (16 for benefits, 1050, etc.) and other considerations (i.e. union notification) are dependent upon the amount of financial aid a student is awarded. Please direct any questions regarding such hourly employees to Financial Aid.

For further guidance, please take a look at the Temporary (Hourly) Employee page on the GatorNet under Administration>Departments>Human Resources>Hourly (Non-Permanent). Here you will find information about the hiring process, general guidelines and other helpful links.

Please submit any further questions to our Employee & Labor Relations Management team: Chernenko Wheatley or Barbara Iribarren


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