Innovation Fund – Round 2

idea2The Innovation Fund was established by Interim President Morgan and the Board of Trustees to provide resources to any individual or group on campus with an idea to advance the college’s three main goals: enrollment, completion and diversity & equity. More information can be found on the participatory governance website.

If you didn’t make the first application round deadline, the next is right around the corner:

Next round of applications are due January 9th by 5 pm.

Based on the first round of applications, the application review committee would like to make the following suggestions:

  • Proposals MUST demonstrate a measurable impact to one or more of the college goals (enrollment, completion and diversity & equity).
  • Please include the number of students/individuals that will be served/impacted.
  • Project budgets should be itemized – be clear on what is being spent on personnel, goods & services, travel, etc.
  • Projects should be shorter-term (less than 16 months) – and again, should have direct impacts on enrollment, completion and diversity & equity.
  • Collaboration with other areas is valued.
  • Innovation funds are college funds (not Foundation dollars), so college rules around serving food apply.  In addition, funds cannot be used for hosting or gifts.

The College Council will receive quarterly reports regarding approved projects in order to inform the college community.

If you have a great idea, but need more time, a third round will follow! Please send any questions to the Participatory Governance Coordinator.


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