Mumps Outbreak

Posted on behalf of Julie French, Health Services Coordinator

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In late December, there were news reports of a mumps outbreak in South King County and cases reported in Pierce County. It is important to be aware of the health information in this post, should mumps surface on campus as the winter quarter progresses.

As of January 6th, 2017, there were 123 in King County:

  • 94 cases in Auburn
  • 9 in Kent
  • 5 in Federal Way,
  • 3 in Seattle
  • 3 each in Algona, Covington and Des Moines.
  • 1 each in Bellevue, Black Diamond and Renton

Mumps is a highly contagious, viral illness. We encourage you to help protect the health of our campus, and to prevent the spread of mumps to our local communities by educating yourself about mumps and taking reasonable precautions.

Mumps Facts

  • Mumps is a virus that infects the salivary glands and can be spread through contact with an infected person’s respiratory secretions and saliva. It can be spread before the symptoms begin to show.
  • Common symptoms include swelling and tenderness of the cheeks, usually preceded by a fever, headache and muscle aches. Symptoms can develop anywhere from two to four weeks after being exposed to someone with a mumps infection.
  • If you experience these symptoms, you should distance yourself from others and be seen by a healthcare provider.
  • For more information about mumps and immunization effectiveness please check the King County information page.

Julie French
Health Services Coordinator
253-833-9111 ext. 2430



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