New Employee Spotlight – Megan Swanson

We’d like to take a moment and recognize our newest employees to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.

Please tell everyone your new title and a little bit about your professional background.
I will be the Extended Learning Program Manager within Extended Learning and International Programs. My background is in international development and higher education. I have coordinated university-based civic engagement initiatives in Colorado and worked with various NGOs to support international exchange and development activities benefiting communities in Tibet, Afghanistan and Uganda. After graduate school I spent 2.5 years working for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Transition Initiatives, providing support to countries in transition to democracy.

What drew you to apply to Green River?
I am a passionate advocate for international education and promoting cultural understanding through exchange, so I was drawn to the robust international program here.

On the car ride to work, what do you listen to?
Radio stations: C89.5, NPR, KEXP, or whatever is commercial-free at the time.

What was the very first job you ever had?
As a teenager I cleaned my mom’s quilt shop a few days a week after school.

What about your new position is most exciting for you?
I am most excited to meet and support students from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds.

What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in your first year at Green River?
I hope that I can identify a process or system that needs improvement and can implement concrete changes to increase efficiency.

What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

  • Buying a first home with my husband this year
  • Completing my Master’s in Public Administration
  • Maintaining friendships from childhood and places I’ve lived cross-country

If your coworkers were to give you an office nickname, what would that be? Why?
The Taskmaster. I strive to be efficient and am always eager to assign action items and deadlines in meetings.

For Green River’s annual talent show (this doesn’t actually exist), what hidden talent would you showcase for everyone?
Photography. I have a tradition of taking a Photo of the Day and posting it on social media. The tradition began in spring 2011, when I was living in Washington, DC. I just had to get out of my office in the basement, where I usually ate my lunch and rarely saw daylight. I walked out and noticed the tulips had bloomed. It was a refreshing sight amid the concrete jungle of the city. Since that day I have challenged myself to take a brief break during the workday in search of a unique picture. I don’t always do it, and they aren’t always that unique, but I enjoy the hunt and the reminder to look outside of myself once in a while and notice the beauty that surrounds us.

If G.R.E.E.N. were an acronym for something, what would each letter stand for?


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