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Recently the restrictions on the All-College Community Mail list serve were lifted as a result of successful mediation between the United Faculty Coalition and Green River College. All members of the campus community now have access to send through the “All-College Community” list.

The College Council and relevant bargaining units will work together to develop a long-term solution while this agreement is in place.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for use:

  • All-College Community email use must follow the Green River Board of Trustees’ Civility Policy.
  • Out of respect for others and their time, please use “Reply All” with extreme discretion. If you are the only person to whom replies should be directed, please use the BCC line to include this group.
  • Remember, we are communicating with human beings. Although email may feel impersonal, there is another person at the other end of your message. Try to exercise kindness and patience, and refrain from personal attacks.
  • Think before you hit SEND.
  • Any disputes or issues that arise over faculty use of the “All-College Community” email list will be addressed first through consultation between the Vice President of Human Resources and Legal Affairs and your Appointing Authority (with the exception of Faculty where it will be with the President of the United Faculty Coalition).

If you have any questions about this change or wish to receive further information, please contact your supervisor.


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