College Council Explained

The staff of Green River College is a mix of new hires and veteran employees, and their variety of interests and passions has lead to a number of campus councils and committees.


College Council in particular plays a central and important role in the College’s vision of maintaining participatory governance. For the uninitiated, this term reflects our College’s practice of encouraging faculty, staff and students to engage one another and discuss ideas, concerns and potential recommendations to the College President.

The Council is a representative body that gives the different employee groups on campus an avenue to bring forward topics of interest. It is therefore composed of the following:

  • Two members of the Administrator Council
  • Two members of the Classified Council
  • Two members of the Exempt Council
  • Two members of the Faculty (Instructional) Council
  • Two members of the Student (ASGRC) Council

Currently, the Council is working on developing a policy for All-College Emails, and will be working to establish this year’s Summer business hours.

As always, the ultimate goal is to ensure and improve student success. 

If you have an item relevant to the entire college, the Council reserves time in its meetings for public comment. Meeting times and locations are posted online.

Feel free to send any questions related to College Council to the participatory governance coordinator.


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