Workplace Injuries

Accidents happen at work and can sometimes lead to debilitating injuries like stubbed toes or worse!workplace-injury

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when this occurs:

  1. Seek medical attention if needed!
  2. Report your injury to your supervisor and Campus Safety or HR as soon as humanly possible.
  3. Complete an Accident/Incident Report Form, and forward it to Campus Safety.

Our College is insured through the Department of L&I, and your physician will initiate the worker’s compensation process. During your first visit, request copies of the following, and deliver them to Human Resources:

  • Completed Report of Industrial or Occupational Disease
  • Completed Activity Prescription Form (APF)

If you need to miss work, it is your responsibility to contact your supervisor and payroll to coordinate appropriate leave.

Please contact Chernenko Wheatley, Employee & Labor Relations Manager, with any questions.

And remember:

Safety First


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