New Hourly Pay Scales

Human Resources and Payroll have worked tirelessly to improve our current system of compensating part-time hourly employees at Green River. Their efforts have resulted in businessman-607831_960_720a simplification of the hourly job classes, a standardization of hourly pay rates, and an improved PEN form. Below are the key changes:

  • Consolidated multiple positions such as “Hourly Admin Assistant 1, 2 and 3” into “HRY Admin Asst.” This has helped us to match supervisor and department needs with appropriate positions.
  • There are narrower pay ranges for hourly employees, which better reflect the Department of Personnel and Washington Federation of State Employees’ rates. As minimum wage increases over the next three years, the scales will also appropriately shift to accommodate these changes.
  • The updated PEN form will automatically limit pay ranges according to position. Managers and supervisors will be notified of adjustments to the PEN Form. As we work to correct the minor bugs in this new form, please look to the GatorNet for the most up-to-date version.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara Iribarren (ext. 2601) or Zack Smith (ext. 3447) with any questions.


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