Green River College 2017 Service Awards

Posted on behalf of Claire Gorenstein, Human Resources ConsultantCyndi Rapier Service Award2

Green River College’s service awards presentation is just around the corner — on Opening Day, Tuesday, September 19th.  Over fifty employees will be honored for their service to Green River College, ranging from five to forty years.

Many of our service award recipients began as part-time hourly employees and adjunct faculty. Cyndi Rapier, who began her International Programs career as a temporary part-time hourly Housing Assistant and Host Family Coordinator, appreciated the flexibility her hourly positions provided at that time in her life. Later, in October of 2001, she was hired into a permanent appointment working full-time, managing the International Student Housing Placement Program. Cyndi now serves as Director of International Housing. Green River is grateful to Cyndi and all our award recipients for their many years of service!

See 2017 Service Award Recipients below:

5 Years

  • Corey Alix
  • Edward Bloch
  • Crystal Bolt
  • Robin Bowles
  • Natalya Bronitskiy
  • Adam Brown
  • Tim Broxholm
  • Sheila Capps
  • Srey Chea
  • Heather Cornelius
  • Sarah Dillon Gilmartin
  • Lisa Finnsson
  • Jamie Fitzgerald
  • Kendrick Hang
  • Kirsten Higgins
  • Pam Kikillus
  • George “Joey” Kissel
  • Samuel Le
  • Krishnan “Krish” Mahadevan
  • Douglas Moran
  • Kim Mucke
  • Catherine Ushka
  • Anthony Warnke

10 Years

  • Darla Abraham
  • Barry Bannister
  • Mary Butcher
  • Stephenie Cheng-Laboyne
  • Jackie Easley
  • Linda Flanigan
  • Jeremy Hawks
  • Cynthia Lemberg
  • Lindsey Morris
  • Erin Fernandez-Mommer
  • Inja Parker
  • Ron Riley
  • Joshua Staffieri
  • Catherine Wells
  • Jamie Wells

15 Years

  • Cynthia Rapier
  • Patty Sherman

25 Years

  • Crystal Gilliland
  • Diana Holz
  • Steve Kinholt
  • Tawnya McLavey
  • Shirley Quenga
  • Harry Rosemond
  • Socorro Trapp

30 Years

  • Michael McVay
  • Laura Moore-Mueller

40 Years

  • Joe Baker

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