New Employee Spotlight – Gustavo “Tavo” Gutierrez Bernal

We’d like to take a moment and recognize our newest employees to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.Gutierrez Bernal, Gustavo_4

Please tell everyone your new title and a little bit about your professional background.
My name is Gustavo (Tavo), and I work in the student life office as a program assistant. I am ecstatic to begin my professional career at Green River College and embark on new adventures and challenges.

What drew you to apply to Green River?
I was a community college student at one point and always had the desire to inspire, in others, a passion for a higher education as my mentors once did with me.

On the car ride to work, what do you listen to?
My car ride to and from work is rather long, so music is always important in my car. I am a fan of many different music genres, but some of my all-time favorites include- Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Carol King, Frank Sinatra, Kelly Clarkson and of course, Broadway showtunes!

What was the very first job you ever had?
The very first job I had was as a reading tutor. I worked with elementary school kids to ensure they were being exposed to literature and had the proper resources to explore all kinds of literature.

What about your new position is most exciting for you?
What I am most excited about is connecting with students and staff. Getting to know my community is very important as it will allow me to better assist others and make a greater impact all around.

What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in your first year at Green River?
During my first year at GRC, I’d love to build connections and get to know people from different departments on campus. I believe that greater things are achieved when you work together and collaborate with others.

What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?
One of my biggest accomplishments has been graduating college. I am a first generation graduate, so this was a very important event in my life.  Second, stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a cheer squad.  Third, waking up this morning…hey, waking up is always an accomplishment for me!

If your coworkers were to give you an office nickname, what would that be? Why?
Currently, my coworkers call me “Tavo.” It’s a shortened version of my name and is fun to pronounce.

For Green River’s annual talent show (this doesn’t actually exist), what hidden talent would you showcase for everyone?
I guess I would consider dancing and singing my hidden talents. Also, making people smile – smiling is essential!

If G.R.E.E.N. were an acronym for something, what would each letter stand for?


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