Come join the Gator at the RAC!

written on behalf of Bob Kickner, Director of Athletics and Recreation

Did you know that Green River College employees are eligible to become members of theGRC Gator Mascot (1) (00000002) on-campus Recreation and Athletic Center (RAC)? You can purchase a Fall quarter membership for $50 (payable at the Cashier’s office) that is valid through December 31st. Employees are able to work out at the RAC in the morning, before work, or during the normal operational hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm; Friday 10am-6pm; Sunday 2pm-7pm

RAC memberships give you access to the RAC fitness spaces (weight room, gym, and studio) as well as the RAC’s programs and services. This includes intramural sports, equipment check-out, and group fitness classes. This quarter we are offering Dance Aerobics, Personal Training, MixxedFit, Kickboxing Cardio, and Yoga classes.

For more information email Rob Pedicone, RAC Coordinator at or call x2482.


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