Summer Hours are on the way!

3-2-sun-png-clipartThough we’re enjoying some fantastic spring weather, our minds can’t help but turn to (what we hope will be) an even better summer season! With that in mind, here are the guidelines for summer hours this year:

  • Summer hours begin the week of 09 July (the week after Independence Day).
  • Summer hours run through the week of 27 August (meaning that regular hours resume the week of Labor Day).
  • The campus hours (current hours as indicated here on the website: shall be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Not all shifts will align directly with the hours as there may be personal, departmental, or support needs that fall outside of those hours.
  • The default work week for all employees shall be four (4) 10 hour shifts from Monday through Thursday.  Certain departments may have needs outside of those hours and will work with employees directly to set shift expectations.
    • Employees who cannot work the four (4) 10 hour shifts should contact their direct manager and their Employee & Labor Relations person (either Barbara or Chernenko).  Employees who cannot work the shift may be defaulted to five (5) 8 hour shifts.

As a note:

  • employees may request of their manager a schedule adjustment (for WFSE employees, this is 7.3 (B)(4)) at any time.  Schedule adjustments will be considered by the manager in coordination with Human Resources and may be granted if business needs can be met.
  • employees may request vacation time using the same college and departmental policies and procedures in place.

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