New Employee Spotlight – Sophia Giakoumatos

We’d like to take a moment and recognize our newest employees to Green River. Please take a moment to learn more about them, in their own words.

Please tell everyone your new title and a little bit about your professional background.

Giakoumatos, Sophia

Sophia Giakoumatos

I am the Educational Planner for Health Sciences programs. I came from Renton Technical College (RTC), where I worked for just under five years. I have experience working in Disability Services, Enrollment Services, and with BAS Programs.

What drew you to apply to Green River?

I have enjoyed all of my visits to the college. I particularly enjoy the nature all around the area.

On the car ride to work, what do you listen to?

I generally listen to local radio stations. I like to listen to see if there are any contests, since I enjoy playing (and winning) radio contests.

What was the very first job you ever had?

My first full-time job out of college was actually at RTC. Prior to that, I had a few part-time jobs at the University of Washington, where I was a student for four years.

What about your new position is most exciting for you?

I am excited to help get students on the right track to enrolling in a health science program. I have always enjoyed working with students and I am excited to be able to do this in a new setting.

What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in your first year at Green River?

I want to get to know as many staff and faculty as I can, especially those who I will be working most closely with. I also want to build meaningful relationships with the students I serve.

What three accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of graduating from the University of Washington with two bachelor’s degrees plus a minor in four years, being the first in my family to receive a master’s degree, and winning many contests.



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