2019 Employee Service Awards


Opening week is almost here! As we prepare to kick off a new school term, we want to take time for celebrating our colleagues and their years of service at Green River. We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, September 19 2:00pm-4:30pm in the Grand Hall (SU). We will celebrate our service award recipients along with distinguished faculty and outstanding staff. Thank you to our service award recipients, and to all of you, for everything that you do in Service to Education!

See 2019 Service Award Recipients below:

5 Years

Phillip Andrist
Allison Beckwith
Katherine Cunnion
Kelsey Denton
Christine Dixon-Hundredmark
Kyle Evans
Sarah Franz
Peter Gudmunson
Inna Lukyanova
Megan Marchand
Timothy Mason
John McCormick
Manila Mercurio
Adriana Milligan
Anna Neil
Michael Nielsen
Carrie O’Brien
Kimberly Olsen
Tina Ostrander
Andaiye Qaasim
Kieran Raney
Megan Reiser
Olga Shostak
Kari Sutlovich
Chelsie Taresh Ciscell
Monica Tolas
Dale Wilkie
Michael Wood
Jennifer Youngquist

10 Years

Amanda Clifford
Devon Klein
Galina Marar
Andrew Orr
Wyatt Schill
Philip Smith
Christopher Ward

15 Years

Alan Carter
Hoang Do
Fia Eliasson-Creek
Raisa Gulchuk
Thomas Jackson
Elizabeth McKinney
Jeffery Perlot
Darcy Silvest
Lea Ann Simpson
Mark Thomason
Allison Warner
Elizabeth Williams

20 Years

Anita Behrbaum
Danielle Crivello-Chang
Barbara Iribarren
Allison Jansen
Walter Lowe
Julie Moore
David Nelson
Catherine Rabold
Thomas Tagliente
Elizabeth Valdivia

25 Years

Jean Carlson
Thomas Krause
Marcie Sims
Wendy Stewart

30 Years

Kathi Anderson
Sheryl Gordon
Nancy Kremer
Glen Martin
Lynn Nguyen
Cindy Small

35 Years

Frank Primiani

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