Harvest Festival – 2017

Posted on behalf of Niki Nelson and the Classified Staff Training & Development CommitteeHarvest Fest

The Classified Staff Training & Development Committee (CSTDC) is proud to present the Annual Fall Harvest Festival at Green River College.  This event is for employees.  Buy your lunch from the cafeteria or bring your own and join us!

Cascade Hall
Student Affairs & Student Success Center
Look for the decorated tables!
Monday, October 30, 2017
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Costume Contest: 
  Prizes awarded for:

  • Best Team Costumes,
  • Most Creative Costume,
  • Funniest Costume,
  • The Perfect Pair, and
  • Spookiest Costume

Food Drive:  Donations will be delivered to the Auburn Food Bank in early November. Collection boxes or tubs will be delivered to departments around mid-October. Human Resources is sponsoring a coffee break to the department that best decorates their food collection receptacle.  We encourage everyone to visit all campus locations prior to the Harvest Fest in preparation for voting.

Pumpkin Carving Contest:  The IT Department challenges all other departments to a pumpkin carving contest!  Bring your entries to lunch with you for all to see.

Ballots will be provided to collect votes on costumes, decorated food collection receptacles, and pumpkins.  All ballots will be tallied after the event.  Prizes delivered by the CSTDC.


Continuing Ed opportunity – Supervision Certificate Program

written on behalf of Mike Nielsen, Director of Corporate and Continuing Education

Would you like to develop your leadership, communication, motivation and problem-Mortarboard-and-Diplomasolving skills? Continuing Education is offering a 6-session certificate course in supervision. This daytime class meets from 9am-4pm (Thursdays) and will help you acquire the interpersonal skills needed to interact successfully in a supervisory role. Topics include turning negative situations into positive outcomes; identifying your leadership traits through personal assessment; leading effective meetings; providing feedback; establishing priorities; problem-solving techniques, and more! Earn the certificate by taking the courses individually or register for the series and save. Classes begin on October 12!!

Green River College employees are eligible for a 33% discount ($399) on the series cost of $599! Classified and exempt employees may use development funds to defray class costs. Sign up at the link below.

Supervision Certificate (6 Class Series)

The Washington State Budget and You

GRC Logo

The Washington Legislature passed Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases for the 2017-2018 budget year at the conclusion of this year’s session. The budget funded a 2% increase for state employees for the coming year. While there are still some nuances to the budget, it is my pleasure to share with you how Green River College is implementing the increase.


  • Because faculty working in the summer are on a contract that began before the increase was effective, the easiest way to process the increase was to do so for the entire summer quarter. The 2% increase for the summer quarter will be paid as a lump sum on the final summer payroll which is September 11, 2017.
  • All faculty (tenure, tenure-track and adjunct) not teaching in the summer will see the increase when they return this fall.


The salary schedule for classified employees was updated in the system. The increase will be reflected on the July 25th payroll.


The salaries for exempt and administrative employees were updated in the system. The increase will be reflected on the July 25th payroll.


  • Employees making the state-mandated minimum wage of $11.00 have received adjustments as the minimum wage has increased.
  • Employees making more than the state-mandated minimum wage of $11.00 have been updated via modification to PEN forms. As the employment data is re-entered each year in June, payroll entered the 2% increase into the system when performing the annual update.
  • The WFSE has negotiated a $12.00 minimum wage for its part-time hourly members. Those represented, hourly employees making less than $12.00 per hour will have their rates increased to this negotiated minimum. Those above $12.00 will receive the 2% increase.
  • Supervisors do not need to submit a new PEN form. HR will auto-correct the rate on forms submitted.

If you have specific questions after you review your Employee Earning & Leave Statement after the July 25 payroll cycle, do not hesitate to contact the Payroll Office at payroll@greenriver.edu.  Shirley, Elizabeth, and Dawnell are happy to assist you.

– Marshall Sampson
VP of Human Resources & Legal Affairs
Green River College

Cookies & Coffee for Classified Staff

Cookies and CoffeeBefore its annual retreat on Tuesday, July 18th, the Classified Staff Training & Development Committee is holding an “Open House” from 12:30 – 1:30 in the Administrative Building Boardroom. All classified staff members are invited. Stop by for cookies, coffee, soda and juice, and while there, learn more about what the college can do for you as part of your training and development.

They will also share what you can do to help the committee in its important work that goes beyond training and development—food drives, college spirit events and more!

– Marshall Sampson
VP of Human Resources & Legal Affairs
Green River College

New Hourly Pay Scales

Human Resources and Payroll have worked tirelessly to improve our current system of compensating part-time hourly employees at Green River. Their efforts have resulted in businessman-607831_960_720a simplification of the hourly job classes, a standardization of hourly pay rates, and an improved PEN form. Below are the key changes:

  • Consolidated multiple positions such as “Hourly Admin Assistant 1, 2 and 3” into “HRY Admin Asst.” This has helped us to match supervisor and department needs with appropriate positions.
  • There are narrower pay ranges for hourly employees, which better reflect the Department of Personnel and Washington Federation of State Employees’ rates. As minimum wage increases over the next three years, the scales will also appropriately shift to accommodate these changes.
  • The updated PEN form will automatically limit pay ranges according to position. Managers and supervisors will be notified of adjustments to the PEN Form. As we work to correct the minor bugs in this new form, please look to the GatorNet for the most up-to-date version.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara Iribarren (ext. 2601) or Zack Smith (ext. 3447) with any questions.

2017 GRC Foundation Distinguished Faculty

Posted on behalf of Green River Foundation

Announcing the 2017 Green River College Foundation
Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients

2017 Distinguished Faculty2

We are pleased to announce the following three recipients of the 2017 Green River College Foundation Distinguished Faculty Awards:

  • Catherine Duva, ESOL, TSW Division
  • Jamie Fitzgerald, English, English Division
  • Dan Sorensen, Automotive Technology, Trades Division

On behalf of the Awards Review Committee, we commend all the 2017 nominees: Coleman Boettger, Dr. Neil Duldulao, Adriana Mendoza and Jody Segal.

The awards will be formally presented at commencement on Friday, June 16 at the Showare Center in Kent. We are sharing this information with the campus community now to give you a chance to congratulate the recipients and all nominees.

Thank you to the students, faculty and staff for submitting nominations and letters of support and to everyone for participating in the recognition process. Special thanks to Anthony White and Megan Evans for creating the faculty awards website.



Student Affairs and Success Center Update

Student Affairs construction and remodeling is wrapping up. The directory below will help you familiarize yourself with the layout of the Student Affairs and Success Center (SASC).

As noted below, please direct new and prospective students to the Welcome Desk in the first floor lobby area of the SASC.

Career and Advising Center (ext. 2641) SA-104
Welcome Desk (ext. 6000) SA-120
Running Start (ext. 2674) SA-122
TRiO (ext. 2655) SA-211
Disability Support Services (ext. 2631) SA-210
Veteran’s Lounge (ext. 2277) SA-224
The Current (ext. 2375) *Move date TBD SA-218A
Completion Center (ext. 4959) *Move date TBD SA-105
Assessment and Testing Center (ext. 2650) SA-148
Campus Safety (ext. 3350) – Dispatch staying in current location (AD Building) until Phase 2 SA-156

Per David Larsen, Dean of Enrollment and Completion:

Building maps, signage, and publications are in the process of being updated, so please bear with us as we iron out the wrinkles in the new spaces.

A few items of note:

  • Offices are still settling in… while we’d love to give you all tours, doing so while serving students can be challenging and disruptive. Our plan is to invite the campus community to an open house in the future.

  • The Assessment and Testing Center now has lockers to be used by students for personal belongings while they test. The lockers, while great to have, are not large enough to accommodate every size bag students may have. If possible, students should leave large backpacks and bags in another secure location.

  • In the past, you’ve all been so fantastic referring new/prospective students to the Welcome Center. Please continue to make these referrals to the Welcome Desk, now located in the Student Affairs and Success Center in the first floor lobby area.

  • Special thanks to IT, Facilities, and the Business Office for helping with this much needed renovation and move. You all rock!