Training Consultations…Made Easy…er

My business card officially states Training Manager as my job title. When I get asked what I do on campus though, folks usually associate me as…”the HR newsletter guy.” While I am proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish within HR in regards to communication, engagement, and all-around AWESOMENESS…my roles and responsibilities span training initiatives and needs across the entire institution. That…is a daunting task.

Training Manager

Everything you ever needed to know about Steve Sosa.

I very quickly came the realization that there are way too many training and development needs across the institution to tackle in one quarter (much less one academic year). Although I can’t address every single need immediately, I am able to add them to a queue, so to speak. Currently I am serving guest 437. Please stay in line. Your call is important to me.

Participatory Governance

Jean and I mastering the selfie and finishing a consultation on Participatory Governance at Green River.

In the midst of making significant progress on just a few training initiatives (mandatory and compliance related needs are the first priority on campus), I am also working to simplify the consultation process as a whole. If you happen to be a fan of teaching and learning, eLearning, or instructional design, you’ll appreciate anything that makes design and development easier. Consultations shouldn’t feel like getting a tooth pulled, right?

Online Course Templates

The first of many consultation and course design templates to come your way.

And so, I’m proud to announce the first in a series of many templates coming our way. Dear world, I present Online Course Outline Template and Unit of Instruction Template. These were born out of the instructional design need to clearly analyze and design training solutions (in geekspeak, part of the ADDIE process). In teaching and learning terms that would be mapping the curriculum. During the consultation, these templates help clearly articulate:

  • Learning objectives (both course and module)
  • Content identification (text, presentation, screencasts, video)
  • Course progression (fully available versus competency-based)
  • Engagement methods
  • Assessment methods

So, why is all of this important to Green River College? Well, first…we only have one Training Manager who can’t address all needs immediately. If we wait, on a project to project completion basis, we’d be waiting until 2029. The reality though is that everyone has different schedules, priorities, flexibility, and physical locations. Solutions to training initiatives must include an online component. It’s about leveraging the power of technology to include, engage, and motivate employees in their own spaces, at their own times, and on their own devices. It’s also about keeping my own sanity in the process.

Stay tuned for the next training consultation template!

Canvas Module Example

Keep an eye out for Green River’s newest course on the Meaning of Life!