No Shave November Leads to Clean Shaved December!

movThis November, we’re giving a twist to the month of no shaving! As a challenge to raise funds for Gators Feed Gators, the Admin building gentlemen have offered to be shaved clean at the end of November. Who would you like to see with no beard? The nominees are:

Marshall Sampson, VP of Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Chernenko Wheatley, Employee and Labor Relations Manager

Joshua Ireland, Executive Assistant for the VP of Instruction

Korland Simmons, Executive Assistant for the VP of Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Matt Swenson, Director of Grants

George Frasier, Executive Director, Foundation

Joshua Gerstman, Director of Philanthropy

Vote for one of these gents with your dollars. Voting will begin in November. Look for tables across campus!

Interested in joining the challenge? As an incentive, the winning “shavee” will receive a professional shave at The Art of Shaving. Who’s with us?!

Giving From the Heart

Posted on behalf of the Office of Campus Life.

In the past, Green River College has given heart-warming support for our Giving from the Heart program.  We’re asking you to amaze us even more this year!

Giving from the Heart

During these hard economic times, many of our student families will not be able provide a sense of joy to their families without your help. Giving from the Heart is a program that matches sponsors from the Green River community with GRC student families that are in need of gifts, or even food, for their children. The generosity of the sponsors provides a holiday celebration for the family that would not exist if it weren’t for your help.

This program can provide a very fulfilling and rewarding holiday event for offices, departments, academic divisions, Student Clubs & Organizations, neighboring businesses, and community members to participate in together.  This holiday season, instead of enjoying the presence of your friends and families at a holiday dinner or office party; let’s make a difference in the lives of families here on campus that would greatly appreciate your contribution to warm the hearts of their children during the holidays. It would be equally as rewarding to spend this season with one another planning a shopping list, shopping for your sponsored family’s gifts, and wrapping these presents.  You have the potential to make an impact in these young people’s lives this holiday season, and they will not forget it.

The first step is to identify those of you who are willing to commit to sponsoring a family so that we know how many families we can accept into the program.  If you are interested, please gather a group and email or contact the Student Life front desk at 253.833.9111 ext. 2400 to sign up as a sponsor by no later than November 2, 2015.  Please provide your preferred family size (i.e. 2 children, 4 children, etc.) so that we know what your group can handle and we will do our best to match you appropriately.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this amazing Green River tradition!

The Combined Fund Drive

Posted on behalf of Megan Evans, Local Combined Fund Drive Coordinator.

It’s that time of year again! The Combined Fund Drive (CFD) is here and will be coming to you via the HR Newsletter Coffee Break through December 31st!

WA State Combined Food Drive

Click image to view a larger version.

Giving is easy…you can donate online or you can pick up a paper form from me. They are even located online. If you fill out a pledge form, please return it to Megan Evans at MS: FOUN.

This year, you can support the Green River Community College Foundation through the Combined Fund Drive by using this Charity Code: 1481493.