Summer Professional Development: Google Cultural Institute

Summer is (almost) upon us! Now is the perfect time to begin making summer plans for yourself or your entire familia (family). Sometimes those plans involve trips around the world, involvement in a community event, taking a class, or simply a good book on a comfy sofa.


We live in the present, look to the future, but learn eternal truths from the past.

Regardless of your individual summer plans, Google can help. They have a great resource called Google Cultural Institute, which provides diverse art collections from around the world, online historical exhibits detailing significant moments in human history, and virtual exploration of ancient world heritage sites across the globe. These can be used in the classroom as well, to support instruction by providing supplemental content for your students. Instructors can even create their own galleries specifically designed for their courses!


View collections from around the world.

The best part of course professional development resource is that Google Cultural Institute doesn’t cost a thing. Everyone has complete access 24×7. To begin, simply click on one of the previously stated categories (Art Projects, Historic Moments, or World Wonders) and find something that interests you…or perform a search for something very specific.

In my case, we’re preparing for a family trip to Japan this summer. Performing a simple search for “Japan” resulted in locations of interest, 112 Japanese virtual exhibits, and 57,364 individual artifacts. Before visiting Japan I’ll be diving deeper into topics such as the Dawn of TV Animation, Introduction to Manga, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Hiroshima. That, and brushing up on the language itself.

Google Cultural Institute

A simple search for “Japan” resulted in a variety of things to explore.

Don’t let summer pass you by without devoting yourself to at least one learning opportunity. Google makes it that much easier to return to fall quarter with a fresh perspective on the world around you. Summer plans…check!