Meet the VPI Finalists!

Next week, and the following week, Green River College will host four finalists for the Vice President of Instruction! Each candidate will have a full day of interviews on campus, followed by an hour-long Campus Forum at the Bleha Performing Arts Center. All employees are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the campus forums. Meet our finalists:

Sachi Horback

Sachi Horback




Campus Forum: Wednesday, May 2, 2018  2pm-3pm



Rebecca Williamson

Rebecca Williamson




Campus Forum: Thursday, May 3, 2018  2pm-3pm




Joyce Hammer



Campus Forum: Tuesday, May 8, 2018  2pm-3pm



Ezeonu Business photo 2018

Rolita Ezeonu




Campus Forum: Wednesday, May 9, 2018  2pm-3pm




You can find out more information about each candidate here:

Vice President of Instruction Search







Helpful Hiring Reminders

As our organization continues to grow, we’d like to take a moment remind you of the hiring resources we have available. Here are a few helpful hints to our hiring managers:Reminder

  1. When hiring hourly or temporary workers, our electronic PEN form is one of the best tools for hiring managers and continues to move us towards greater compliance with the Paper Reduction Act. We highly encourage using the electronic form because it auto-populates most of the information you need (no need to look things up!). Even better, it can save you the worry of correcting written errors. The electronic PEN form is a living document and we do our best to keep the latest form available. The best way to be sure you’re using the most current version is to download the PEN form from the Gatornet ( This ensures that any changes we’ve made will be available to you. You can verify how current your form is by checking the date listed at the top of the form. If you are using a form that is earlier than February 8, 2018, please check the Gatornet for the latest version!
  2. For other kinds of hiring/recruiting (admin/exempt, faculty, classified, etc), be sure to take advantage of the resources offered on our Recruitment and Staffing page ( The links within will point you in the direction you need to go or offer you a place to request more information from our recruitment team.