Holiday Campus Closings

Greetings Green River Colleagues!J-Happy-Holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us and we’d like to share this year’s holiday schedule. Our campus will be closed to the public beginning at noon on Monday, December 24, 2018 and Monday, December 31, 2018.   Employees should plan to work their entire regular shift on those days or, if on approved leave, submit vacation, personal holiday, or other appropriate paid leave for the hours of their entire regular shift not worked. Have a great holiday season!

Stress Management at GRC

Posted on behalf of the Environmental Health and Safety Committee. The Environmental Health and Safety Committee evaluates and recommends ways to make our work environment safer for employees and students.

stressWhile stress may not be a physical or visible safety concern, it is still a concern. Everyone deals with some level of stress on a daily basis. Sometimes work pressures can increase an already high stress level. The approaching holiday season can also compound stress levels, making even simple tasks seem overwhelming. If left unchecked, stress can have many effects on our mental and physical well-being. The good news is that there are many resources to help manage stress and daily steps you can take to minimize its effects.

Getting outside for just a few minutes and breathing fresh air can make a big difference in how we handle stressful situations. Just getting up from your desk and walking around anywhere can help. Interacting with co-workers, eating lunch together and having a chance to laugh or smile can boost your mood immediately.

One of the many benefits to working at Green River College is the amazing setting. There are several miles of trails right outside the doors of our buildings. Walking along those trails is a great way to reduce stress levels. On sunny days, you can even walk out and see Mt. Rainier!

If you are feeling stressed please visit some of the following links to get tips on how to cope. There are many other resources not included here, and Green River College also makes counseling services available to both employees and students.

Green River College Green Day!

Was there any better way to celebrate Green River College and St. Patrick’s Day, then by going green for Green River? Of course not! Join the Human Resources team as we helped spread joy, cheer, and…chocolate. Go GRC Green Day 2015!

HR Green Team

The official HR Green Team getting ready to surprise campus!

It’s not too late (for next year that is)! If you haven’t already purchased your official green gear, head on over to the Paper Tree Bookstore and snag anything with the Green River logo on it! Then wear it on GRC Green Day 2016 (aka St. Patrick’s Day) and get ready to strike a pose with the HR leprechauns.

Wearing Green

Yes, this totally counts even though green is part of her uniform.

Wearing Green

We flagged down Theresa from across the courtyard when we spotted her in green!

Walking around campus, searching for anyone wearing green, we quickly ran into friendly faces of Green River employees. It really was nice seeing folks in their environment and getting out of our own offices for a quick break.

Wearing Green

We even found folks who wanted to try on our beards!

Wearing Green

The excitement of seeing HR…or free chocolate, can barely be contained!

Pinching for Luck

As it turns out, it really is good luck to pinch a leprechaun…although not a recommended practice by HR.

During our little adventure we encountered many employees across campus. Some instantly wanted to be a part of the silliness, some were willing to trade a chocolate for a quick photo, and some only agreed if they could actually pinch the HR leprechaun.

GRC Green Day

Camella gives the guys a run for their money, in competition for best beard of the day!

GRC Green Day

The greenest department on campus!

But wait…of course, there’s more!

Holiday Candy Bars!

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with…more chocolate? Join the HR adventure as we spread joy and cheer around campus this holiday season.


We started by brainstorming creative ways in which we could engage remaining faculty, staff, and students. Did you know that renting real reindeer costs a fortune? Out of our own pockets we designed and purchased boxes of candy bars as an alternative. Chocolate always makes people smile, right?


Of course, dressing the part didn’t hurt either. HR staff got into the spirit by sporting Santa and reindeer hats.



The result was smiling faces across campus. We surprised a few folks, cracked up others, and found friendly faces wherever we went.



Thanks to all the faculty, staff, and students who laughed along with us, posed for silly photos, and helped spread joy and cheer this holiday season.



To view the entire gallery, simply click on the link below.

Click to view the complete gallery on Flickr!

Happy Holidays Green River!

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!

After much consideration (from a total of three entries across campus) the Information Technology Department was declared the official winner of our 2014 Pumpkin Carving Contest!


The HR Department (really, our three strongest staff members) carried a variety of juice, coffee, doughnuts, and bagels to the winning team’s staff meeting on December 15th.


When asked what tips they wish to offer up to next year’s contestants, the IT Department refused to comment, citing “Intellectual Property.” Clearly, this is a team not to be taken lightly in preparation for next year’s contest. Game on!