Return of the Honeybees

Posted on behalf of Daniel Najera, of GRC Biology

We are excited to see a project started through the GRC Foundation Faculty Excellence Program live on. Check out this information about the Honeybee Installation Event on Friday.

We will be installing our honeybees to replace our winter losses FRIDAY at 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. These will be NUC (Nucleus Colony) installs, which are different than the PACKAGE installs we have done in the past. We will meet on the North side of the SC (Science Center) building by the Bee Mural (see pic below), then walking into the forest to their new home locations. You can join midway and leave at any time.



The Bee Mural (North side of the SC Building)


I realize this may conflict with many things, but if you are interested, feel free to join us. You don’t need a suit. Have a Happy Friday EITHER WAY!


Last Honey Extraction of the Year!

Posted on behalf of the Biology Club and the GRC Honeybee Project.

Honey Extracting

Next Wednesday, June 10 at 11:00 am in Room SC 243 (subject to change, but it won’t be far), we will perform our last honey extraction of this school year (we will have more in the Fall).

We have two frames of honey from Queen Gaia II. She is the primary honey producer for us and most of the honey will have been collected by Gaia II’s workers from within a 1 mile of campus, possibly as far out as 2 miles. This is as local as honey gets.


All students, staff, administrators and faculty are invited. This is brought to you by the Biology Club and the GRC Honeybee Project.