Confused About Medicare Part B?

Medicare.govPosted on behalf of Sheryl Gordon, Employee Benefits.

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Qualify for Part A Medicare and you generally pay no monthly premium, but enrolling in Part B will mean you pay a monthly premium (currently $104.90). Many employees believe they have to enroll in Medicare Part B when they turn 65, or pay a penalty to enroll later and/or experience a delay in coverage. This is not correct. If you are enrolled in a group health plan based on current employment when you turn 65, you can “defer” enrolling in Part B Medicare until you retire or otherwise lose your employer plan. When you retire or your employment ends (and thus your employer group coverage), you have an 8-month Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Medicare Part B without paying a penalty.

Note: Employees enrolled in PEBB or other retiree coverage, TRICARE, or those receiving Veterans’ benefits may be required to have Part B coverage or Part B may offer additional benefits or services.

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